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Our NEW Services

Here is a video we produced for

2014 Global Time Attack Champion Cody Kishel

during a testing day at Auto Club Speedway.

Canyon Run Videos (CRV) video production is excited to announce that CRV will be collaborating our video production services with Global Time Attack at their events in southern California beginning in July 19, 2015 at Willow Springs International Raceway. GTA teams who select CRV to produce their racing media content, their edited content will be sent directly to Global Time Attack for use on the GTA website and Facebook main page and timeline after the event.

The team will also be provided with their finished product in *.MP4 format in 1920X1080p for use of their website and or social media pages as soon as the video footage has been professionally edited. CRV will also mail the team a copy the finished *.MP4 file on a DVD disc with a custom designed LightScribe branding label. CRV can also specially design a LightScribe label on a DVD disc for each of the team sponsors to use on their social media page and website. 

GTA teams, sponsors and fans are going to love the CRV media content we produce with multiple on board GoPro video camera views. The on board CD quality stereo audio recorders we use in our video productions for superior sound reproduction with very little wind noise. The on board GPS data loggers we use for our video overlays showing current lap time, fastest lap time, current + or - from the last fastest lap time, a track map, real time car location on track and G-forces.

The video overlay also shows your team sponsors branding the entire time of the GTA racing segment. We can also use the teams own on board GPS based data and vehicle acquisition system to show even more data channels like RPM, current transmission gear, throttle position, brake, etc.  

Global Time Attack teams can now select CRV to produce professional high definition racing video content and also for both the team and sponsor branding content for their social media pages and websites.

CRV will design an introduction banner for sponsors branding and also during the time attack racing segment and ending credits and thank you banner as well.

CRV productions are very reasonably priced for the excellent media content, it's the only way to go.   

Here is a CRV production showing the type of branding banners we designed
for one of our clients media content for the Cadillac Challenge.